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YDT-35 Features

  • Test diesel injectors types from major manufacturers:
    - Delphi, Denso and Bosch solenoid
    - Denso, Bosch and Continental piezo
    - Bosch CRIN and Denso Heavy Duty adapters (optional)
  • Electrical injector tests:
    - resistance
    - inductance
    - Capacitance
  • Nozzle spray-pattern visual observation
  • Backleak measurement (optional)
  • Commercial vehicle injector adapter (optional)

YDT-35 Technical specification

  • Test bench for single CR injector
  • Max pressure 1000 BAR
  • Single acting pneumatic pump
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Clear protective cover and cut-off switch
  • manually adjustable pressure control
  • Generic injector profiles (Coil and piezo)
  • Testing phase per injector less than 5 minutes
  • Repeatable and accurate measurement



For Diesel Training Courses on How To Use This Equipment Please Visit Our

Delphi Training Page

Sealed Rail Diagnostic Package YDT732

All Makes Diagnostics

Consisting of:

  • YDT860 Updated sealed rail kit (1,725)
  • YDT410 False Actuator Kit (335.45)
    • Works in conjunction with Delphi Sealed Rail Kit
  • YDT747 Bosch CP4 False Actuator

Provides simple, low-cost diagnostic capability for pumps and injectors on common rail systems made by all major manufacturers

Setting the benchmark for hydro-mechanical diagnostics, the Delphi Sealed Rail Kit provides simple, low-cost, on-vehicle test capability for all makes of common rail pumps and injectors.

Compatible with:

  • Delphi
  • Bosch
  • Siemens
  • Denso


Commercial Vehicle Version Also Available

For Diesel Training Courses on How To Use This Equipment Please Visit Our

Delphi Training Page


Electronic Diesel Injector Test Kit (Buzz Tool) YDT720

Quick test for electrical side of injector integrity.

The first of its kind all makes tool is a handheld device that is a quick and easy to use.

Fast Check and Indication for:

  • Coil Open Circuit
  • Short Circuit
  • Insulation Failure
  • It will drive the valve to make it “Buzz” to ensure it is not stuck open or closed
  • All this in less than 1 minute per injector


For Diesel Training Courses on How To Use This Equipment Please Visit Our

Delphi Training Page


Bosch Diesel Set 1 Low Pressure Kit

The Diesel Set 1 can be used universally for  low-pressure fuel circuit 

The Kit includes:

  • Test pressure line for return pressure measurements on Bosch piezo injectors. 
  • Two test hoses for connection couplings.
  • 10 Y-connection combinations with the original manufacturer couplings.
  • Various drain valves
  • Double hollow screws
  • Hollow threaded connector end and hollow screws with plug nipples
  • A pressure gauge for measurement range –1 to 5 bar.
  • A pressure gauge for measurement range 0 to 16 bar. 
  • Various test pressure lines and Y-hoses for further commercial vehicle applications are available as accessories.
  • Measurement at two points in the low pressure fuel circuit.




Bosch Diesel Set 3 High Pressure Kit

An important pre-requisite for trouble-free operation of a diesel engine is that the common rail pump generates the necessary pressure during start up.  If this is not the case, the test must be continued with the Diesel Set 1 on the low pressure side.  If the pump generates the necessary pressure, a further check of the rail-pressure sensor is still necessary. 

The equipment required for this is compiled in Diesel Set 3:

  • High quality
  • Digital pressure display with wall charger
  • Pressure sensor module with rail pressure sensor
  • Connecting lines
  • Auxiliary tank
  • Threaded rings
  • Various cones that guarantee high flexibility of the adaptation and ensure that each vehicle has a matching connection. 
  • Designed for pressures up to 2000 bar



Diesel Particulate Filter Tool

Regenerates Diesel Particulate Filters
Resets ELOYS Additive Lights
ID DPF Fault Codes
Filter Replacement Function
 Static Regeneration
Numerous Systems Covered
Supports Vehicles from 2000 on
Simple Push Button Operation

Vehicle Coverage:

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